Monday 11am-12:30pm (Chair Yoga, Kathleen)
7-8:15pm (Kim & Ali, w/Alex)

Tuesday 6:15-7:45pm (Kathleen)

Wednesday 11am-12:30pm (Kathleen)
5:30-6:30pm (Gentle Yoga, Alex)
7-8:30pm (Continuing Yoga, Alex)

Thursday 5:30-7pm (Alex)
7:15-8:15pm (Beginning Yoga, Alex)

Friday 9-10:30am (Alex)
11am-12:30pm (Kathleen)

Saturday 9-10am (Beginning Yoga, Alex)
10:15-11:15am (Sun Salutes, Vinyasa, Alex)

Sunday 5:30-6:45pm (Christine, w/Alex)

Please feel free to call Alex or Kathleen, regarding class schedules/status.


Alex Cleveland & Kathleen Geile

In the event of snow or ice hazards, we will follow JCPS (Jefferson County Public Schools). If JCPS cancels class, our classes are cancelled that day. If you ever have a doubt feel free to call Alex (502-468-9170) regarding class status. Also, if your judgement determines it is unsafe for you to travel to class, please practice at home, and come for a make-up class, when the roads are safe.



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